Hot or not dating service has several tools for the search of your match

Hot or not dating service has several tools for the search of your match

Launched in 2000, from a crazy but funny idea of two friends, Hot or Not became a leading online dating service with more than 350 thousand members. The easy approach of evaluation based on appearance and personal preferences gives the service status of the easygoing website. If you have nothing to do, want to unwind, find a person to communicate, meet, or build relationships, this service will help you with everything.

First impression

From the first sight, you will like Hotornot for its minimalism and simplicity. You have nothing to do here to find out where to click and how to navigate. At every step, there are different and detailed instructions that explain how to sign up, how to use, and where to search for members. The most important buttons are colored with green and blue to be distinctive even for people who are not used to visiting such sites. The emblem is bright and remarkable in red and blue colors to unconsciously distinguish the difference between hot and not. At the same time, you will see no ads here. The designers did a good job.


The simple approach of HotOrNot also applies to the registration process. Here you will just need to fulfill a small form with basic information:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Your city
  • Gender
  • Main goal why you are on this service

After that, you need to confirm your mobile phone number and upload some personal photos. Hot or Not offers to sign up via other networks like Facebook, Google, MSN, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex and . In this case, be attentive because your first name and last 7-8 profile photos will be automatically downloaded onto your profile. The site promises that they won’t post anything on your behalf.

If you want, you can download an unlimited number of photos and even videos. You can demand your photos to be private so not everyone can see it. All the information can be changed or deleted later.

Search and filter

  • Encounters
  • People near you
  • People who liked you
  • People who visited your profile

Encounters is a function that offers you to choose among different users. Here you will see a range of people that pass one after another. The matching system is random. The only filters you can set are gender, age, distance. Depending on these characteristics, the service will analyze the users and pick only those who match the description and who are online at the moment of your visit.

Another easier way to look for a person is to use the section “People near you.” Thanks to this feature, you will be able to text a bit and quickly pass to communication in real life. Here you can also use some general filters concerning age, sex, and the location of the person.

When you use dating services it’s important to understand that the interest between two members is mutual. That’s why Hot or Not offers you to know the list of people who liked you. You don’t have to swipe for a long period trying to guess if the next user will like you. You need to visit this section, and if the person attracts you, like her back. During your using this service, you get alerts when somebody likes you.

Another way to meet a great date is to use “Popular members.” Here you will find a range of members with the highest level of hotness based on rates and popularity among other members. The ultimate search tool is a section where you can see people who visited your profile. You have complete access to the list and can also choose from these members.


Once you chose a girl and got a mutual like, you can send a message. This system is truly comfortable and protects you from the emails from unexpected or annoying people. No-one will be able to write you anything if you are not in a match.

Fortunately, the messages are free, but there is a complication. You can come across people who chat only with verified profiles to know for sure that they don’t waste their time on scams.

During your communication on HotOrNot, you can also send different stickers and gifts. If you liked the person, you can add her or him to the favorite list to not lose. There is also a possibility to start a video chat, but it can be done only with a person you have already chatted.

The mobile app

Hot or Not offers its members to use not only a web version, but also a mobile application. It’s available at the Apple App Store and in Google Play. The functions and the design are hookup Mackay the same as in the Web version. The app is user-friendly and easy in navigation. So the users of the phone are not left to stand by.

The free version of HotOrNot

The important advantage is that most of the functions are totally free. All the women after the registration automatically get a free trial period for 3 days to try some paid features and decide to buy a membership or not. The free version includes:

Paid membership

With paid functions, you have more possibilities to find a mate. For example, it happens, when you swipe quickly, and you can reject a member you liked. Maybe, it is the love of your whole life? With this paid function, you can correct that mistake. Besides, if you don’t want to be spammed, you can use an invisible mood on HotOrNot, so no one sees that you have visited his or her profile. With paid functions, you also have more chances to be noticed, thanks to the opportunity to be shown high and have good rates. So, paid functions are totally worth to try.


Hot Or Not dating service offers you the possibility to buy a membership or credits. You can choose, so that would be comfortable for you. Membership gives absolute access to all the functions. With credits, you can buy specific features and pay only for what you use. Prices for memberships are the following:

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