Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC WACHOVIA Studies Funds INC

Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC WACHOVIA Studies Funds INC

Wachovia Student loan Funding LLC Interim Believe Agreement between WACHOVIA Knowledge Loan Financial support LLC, just like the Customer and you may subsequent Transferor and never within the individual capacity but exclusively since the Interim Qualified Bank Trustee into the work for of Wachovia Student loan Investment LLC.

Wachovia Student loan Resource LLC INDENTURE certainly WACHOVIA Student loan Faith 20[__]-[__], once the Issuer, maybe not in individual potential but only due to the fact Eligible Financial Trustee and never within its personal potential but exclusively as Indenture Trustee Old since [_____], 20[__]

Wachovia Student loan Money LLC, good Delaware limited liability providers (new Depositor), hereby confirms the agreement that have Wachovia Financial support Locations, LLC (Wachovia) and each of one’s other underwriters called into the Plan A beneficial hereto (along, this new Underwriters, which identity shall also include people underwriter replaced once the hereinafter considering inside Area ten), having exactly who Wachovia is becoming associate (such potential, new User), depending on the income from the Depositor and also the get from the Underwriters, pretending severally rather than as one, of your respective principal number set forth in the Plan Good away from $[________] aggregate dominant amount of Wachovia Education loan Believe 20[___]-[_] [Extreme Shipment Certification] (the fresh new Licenses) of your Wachovia Education loan Trust 20[___]-[_] (the fresh Trust) underneath the conditions and terms contains here. Capitalized terms put herein that are not or even outlined will provides the newest significance offered particularly terms about Indenture (given that

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Administration Contract (which Arrangement), dated by [_______], 20[__], certainly one of Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC (the Depositor), Wachovia Education loan Faith 20[__]-[__] (the fresh Issuer), [___________________________________], maybe not within the private capabilities but solely within its potential while the qualified lender trustee (this kind of strength, this new Qualified Financial Trustee), [_____________________________________], not within the individual skill but solely with its skill since the indenture trustee (such strength, the brand new Indenture Trustee), Wachovia Degree Financing Inc., not within the personal capability but exclusively in its ability because the grasp servicer (in such potential, the particular owner Servicer), and you can Wachovia Bank, National Association, perhaps not within the individual strength but entirely in its capabilities due to the fact manager and you will paying representative (in such capacities, the Officer plus the Spending Broker).

Wachovia Education loan Financial support LLC Amended And you may RESTATED Trust Agreement one of WACHOVIA Student loan Financial support LLC, while the Depositor perhaps not in its private capability however, exclusively while the Eligible Lender Trustee rather than with its individual ability however, exclusively due to the fact Indenture Trustee Old by [________], 20[__]

, as User And you can Honest B. Bilotta, because the Unique Affiliate WACHOVIA Education loan Funding LLC Limited liability Team Arrangement Dated since

Wachovia Studies Financing Inc. (this kind of Oregon payday loans ability, the proprietor Servicer), a great Delaware agency, hereby will abide by (i) Wachovia Education loan Trust 20[__]-[__] (new Issuer), (ii) [____________________________________], a national financial association, maybe not with its individual potential however, exclusively within its ability as the qualified financial trustee (the brand new Qualified Lender Trustee) not as much as a trust contract dated at the time of [______],20[__] anywhere between Wachovia Education loan Resource LLC and Qualified Financial Trustee, because amended and restated by the a revised and you can restated believe contract old since [______],20[__] (the brand new Faith Agreement) one of Wachovia Student loan Funding LLC, the Eligible Bank Trustee and you can [____________________________________], perhaps not within its individual ability but only in skill given that the fresh new indenture trustee (the new Indenture Trustee), below an indenture (this new Indenture) dated by [______],20[__]-[__] among the many Issuer, the Eligible Lender Trustee together with Indenture Trustee, (iii) the fresh new In the

Which Sum Arrangement (Sum Agreement) dated as of [______], 20[__] among Wachovia Student loan Investment LLC (this new Depositor), Wachovia Student loan Believe 20[__]-[__] (the brand new Believe), [____________________], perhaps not within the individual capacity but solely given that Meantime Qualified Lender Trustee (the new Interim Eligible Bank Trustee) on the benefit of the brand new Depositor under the Meantime Believe Arrangement old as of [______], 20[__] involving the Depositor plus the Meantime Qualified Financial Trustee, and you can [____________________], not within the individual capability but solely just like the Qualified Lender Trustee (the latest Eligible Financial Trustee) toward advantageous asset of the brand new Trust according to the Revised and you may Restated Trust Contract dated by [______], 20[__] between the Faith, the fresh new Qualified Bank Trustee and you can [_________________________], as the indenture trustee, is going to be active up on performance from the parties hereto. Sources to the Depositor here indicate the fresh Meantime Qualified Lender Trustee, and you will records into Trust the guy

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