Euclid is Grayfia’s more youthful aunt plus Rizevim’s right hand child

Euclid is Grayfia’s more youthful aunt plus Rizevim’s right hand child

Issei and you will Euclid’s relationships are quickly hostile, as latter accounts for wanting to abduct the initial 12 months members of the Occult Browse pub and you will sending several wizards to help you attack him or her finally even aiding about renewal from brand new Evil Dragons.

Also, a small after, both Issei and you will Ddraig put up an individual grudge facing Euclid getting creating a reproduction of one’s Boosted Knowledge regarding the stays off Issei’s previous looks and you may compromising this new souls of famous dragons, a work also Vali seems to be appalled from the. Throughout their strive for the Regularity 16, Euclid managed to overpower Issei’s Cardinal Deep red Strategy together with his own Level Post armour within the typical Harmony Breaker condition, that is said are because the Euclid’s natural fuel are similar in order to a Satan’s actually without having any armor. Issei was able to change brand new tables to the Euclid just shortly after playing with their newly awakened fuel and additional theories that Euclid are observing your in order to find out making use of a lot more of their techniques.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao and Issei start off with an initially intense relationships as a result of the previous becoming a leader within the Khaos Brigade and you may to have abducting Yasaka. Cao Cao including beaten Issei fairly without difficulty during their ensuing competition and you will caused him in order to wake up his Illegal Flow Triaina feature. Pursuing the its conflict Issei did be able to rob Cao Cao out-of you to eyes, which could at some point feel replaced from the an eye regarding Medusa. Issei’s hate out of him try furthered as he episodes him and you can his friends, later on when planning on taking Ophis’ energy off the girl. Cao Cao himself, not, appears to hold Issei when you look at the very large admiration throughout their later on confrontations, specifically immediately following Issei yields on the deceased, hence also manages to build Cao Cao faith they can just become a true monster when he returned having Higher Purple and that based on Cao Cao can’t be referred to as luck. Issei’s before wounding regarding Cao Cao’s eye continued to be an excellent basis inside its latest race, since the Issei managed to explore Samael’s poison with the their Medusa’s vision and you can lead to him close fatal levels of discomfort.

When you look at the Frequency 18, they have viewed haven’t any antagonistic dating and you can help both and guaranteed you to in the future might endeavor after and accept the newest rating between them, indicating that have be more such as rivals than simply opponents.

When you look at the Genuine Volume step three, the 2 converse for the Kyoto in the Cao Cao’s steps and you may reasons due to the fact Cao Cao suggests guilt to own their previous means due to since both supernatural beings together with live in tranquility and have now lifetime of one’s own, compared with his earlier desire to drive out the latest supernatural which is the enemy out of humans. After Issei states one to Cao Cao to be able to include someone else as a result of the energy out of his Genuine Longinus is unbelievable, Cao Cao says one to your and you may Siegfried could have chose a beneficial other path had they see Issei prior to. Cao Cao asks Issei if they can become Issei’s friend hence the guy agrees, so you can Cao Cao’s happiness once the a couple bolstered their companionship ahead of its struggle with Erebus.


Like Azazel, Issei seems to hates Hades since the guy came across your into the first. He hates your knowing the simple fact that Hades despises Devils and Fallen Angels as well as for secretly helping the Khaos Brigade of about new moments.

Their hatred up against him enhanced shortly after their Grim Reapers attacked Koneko, Kuroka and his awesome moms and dads, saying he’s going to not think twice to overcome your and his allies if they always end up in difficulties.

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