The United States Olympic Appeasement In 1936 Helped Fuel The Rise Of Nazi Germany

Introduction Although the major events of World War II are commonly known, there are many aspects of this historical event that people know very little about. Very few people have heard about this event, and even fewer know what it is. I found this website by searching for the aftermath of the Olympic games.

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  • One of the largest was the “People’s Olympiad” planned for summer 1936 in Barcelona, Spain; it was canceled after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936, just as thousands of athletes had begun to arrive.
  • They were joined by exiled Germans and Italians, who knew that the only way they could ever return home was to defeat fascism, first in Spain and then in Berlin and Rome.
  • They pointed to this country’s mistreatment of Blacks, from Jim Crow laws in the South to all-White major league sports.
  • New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia, New York governor Al Smith, and Massachusetts governor James Curley also opposed sending a team to Berlin.

In December 1914 the New York Times reported that the Games would “in all probability have to be abandoned as a result of the war.” Ultimately, the 1916 Games were canceled. Concerted propaganda efforts continued well after the Olympics with the international release in 1938 of Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s controversial film documentary of the Games. The pause in the Germany’s anti-Jewish campaign, however, was brief. William E. Dodd, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, reported that Jews awaited “with fear and trembling” the end of the Olympic truce. Two days after the Olympics, Captain Wolfgang Fürstner, head of the Olympic village, killed himself after he was dismissed from active military service because of his Jewish ancestry. In 1937, German Jewish track star Gretel Bergmann emigrated to the United States to escape persecution.

Plague At The Golden Gate

At the 2021 award ceremony Badiucao delivered a moving public address that everyone should listen to. Jerry Doyle was a leading US political cartoonist whose works appeared in the Philadelphia Record and the Philadelphia Daily News from the 1930s to the early 1980s. Doyle was a working class Irish-Catholic aligned with the Democratic Party. He was an anti-communist classical liberal, the kind not found today. He was one of the very first American cartoonists to attack German fascism and Hitler’s rise. In his cartoon The Modern Mercury, Doyle lambasted the idea of an Olympiad hosted by Hitler and his Nazi regime.

Are Olympic Athletes Speaking Out About China?

How Hitler quickly turned the Olympics into a dictatorship that persecuted Jews. This website is from the holocaust memorial museum, so I know its credible, and it also gives the sources it got its information. I used this information to basically help me understand what happened, and how Hitler used the Olympics to create a dictatorship. It explains what other countries boycotted the games and some individuals that also wanted to boycott.

After The Games

I consider his suite comparable to John Heartfield’s photomontage works against the 1936 Berlin Olympics hosted by Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. With extremely dark acerbic humor, Heartfield and Badiucao captured consequential events with their images. Heartfield’s conceptions were foreboding portents of a conflagration that actually came to be. I have the terrible feeling that Badiucao’s Beijing 2022 is a harbinger for the disaster that looms on the horizon. As an artist I take special notice of the shameful conditions hoisted upon my fellow artists under CCP rule.

What Reason Did The U S Give For The Boycott?

The Berlin Games became a powerful propaganda tool for Nazi Germany as it tried to make its brutal treatment of Jews, political opponents and others seem benign. The Nazi Olympics also helped Germany cultivate an atmosphere of appeasement from the rest of the world as Hitler prepared for conquest and war. ” The Nazis so wanted to impress the world that they conducted, in the words of an AOC official, “the greatest and most glorious athletic festival ever” ( In the opening ceremony, athletes carried an Olympic torch by relay from Athens, Greece, for the first time, starting a lasting tradition. Berlin, the picture of “hospitality, order, and patriotism,” was praised for a successful display of Olympic festivities (

Carter has since publicly defended his decision, but the fallout was felt most acutely by those athletes who had nothing to show for years of intense training for Olympic glory. Rower Anita DeFrantz, who led a failed lawsuit against the USOC in 1980, later referred to the boycott as «a pointless exercise and a shameful part of U.S. history.» Ultimately, 64 countries joined the U.S. in boycotting the Summer Games that August, with another 80 heading to Moscow – including those from American ally Great Britain, which elected to let its athletes decide for themselves whether to participate. The Nazis seized on the Olympics as an opportunity to masquerade the wide array of lucrative business ventures in Germany. However, they also had far more sinister motive lurking beneath the surface to reinforce among their own citizens that Aryans were the “master race” by portraying Hitler as an effective international statesman and expanding Germany’s power. Certainly, the American government and nations abroad deeply regretted ever giving credence to a genocide.